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CASAOL celebrates its 16th anniversary. Thus, in due time, we introduced a new identity, translated into a new logo and a new image. This rebranding maintains the most identifying elements of CASAOL's evolution, reflecting the same values but with a more up-to-date image.

Showing better what we do, how we do it and why we do it is the motto for changing CASAOL's image. We have gone through several changes, focused on improving the quality of services provided. The communicational aspect was not always relevant, remaining in the background. Today, communication has gained new visibility, not only because of the speed with which information is disseminated in this digital era, but because we want to communicate the best we have been doing, so that our current and future clients gain more confidence in working with us.

We went through several transformation processes, with several images on the table. However, none conveyed the true essence of CASAOL. The Building in aerial perspective, which has always been the face of the company, is full of symbolism and meanings that could not simply cease to exist. That´s why we kept our colors, rounded edges, carried the darker tones and stylized a “C” for CASA and an “OL” for Oliveira, making reference to our company as the big family that we are.

The objective was to convey, in a few words, the company's vision and values, along with the proximity, trust and security that recognize us and that we intend to continue. This is the feeling we want you to find in our employees and in every attitude.


With the assurance that we want to be with you, we count on your contributions so that we can follow this path of continuous improvement together.

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